Research Interests

I am interested in various research topics in the field of computer science (language based systems, algorithmics, knowledge-based systems, graph mining) and their applications in protein structure prediction, semantic-data-integration and gene-expression-analysis.


My research has benefited from the following grants:

2002-2004. Inter-EPST Program on bioinformatics CNRS, INSERM, INRA, INRIA, Ministry of Research, 2002. "The use of a knowledge base system to analyze microarray data". Project coordinator: Claude Pasquier. Project members: Fran├žois Chevenet (IRD - R165), Richard Christen (IBDC).

2005-2007. CNRS Bio-STIC-LR, 2005. "Towards an editor for the subdivision of trees into sub-trees collections formals and functionals criteria for the subdivision process, intra-inter collection trees comparaisons". Project coordinator: Fran├žois Chevenet (IRD - R165). Project members: Vincent Berry (LIRMM), David Biron (GEMI), Christine Brun (IBDML), Alain Guenoche (IML), Claude Pasquier