DB-TMR contains 40672 transmembrane regions of 9392 transmembrane proteins automatically extracted from the SwissProt database. Each transmembrane segment is described in one record containing:

  • the access code of the sequence containing the segment (ID line),
  • the organism classification (OC lines),
  • the length of the transmembrane region,
  • the direction of the transmembrane when it can be deducted thanks to the keywords 'CYTOPLASMIC' and 'EXTRACELLULAR' of the feature table,
  • the amino-acid letters of the five-residue extension outside the transmembrane for the N and C-terminal side,
  • the amino-acid letters of the residues located inside the transmembrane.


DB-TMR is available at the Biophysics and Bioinformatics Laboratory of the University of Athens.